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National Observatory of Athens / BEYOND Center of Excellence

Research institute


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City: Athens

Country: Greece

Contact Person

Haris Kontoes

Research Director


Additional Contact

Mariza Kaskara

Project Manager




The BEYOND Center of Excellence develops research and provides disaster management services addressing priorities and needs in South Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, N. Africa, Middle East and the Balkans. The Center generated unique excellence and EO research infrastructure for the region. It maintains a fully operational and self-sustained activity, through competitive funding from Space research and operational projects supported by EU, ESA and International Funding Organisations.
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The BEYOND Center has installed and operates large scale infrastructures for the systematic reception, management and redistribution of real-time Earth Observation data acquired by satellites and in-situ monitoring networks. The coverage and usage of the monitoring infrastructure is international. It covers observational needs of a wide research community and decision makers across the Southeast Europe, North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans.

Μεταξά, 152 36 Penteli Municipal Unit, Attica Greece

Thematic Area of Interest
Agriculture, Atmosphere, Crowd sourcing & data fusion, Cultural Heritage, Disasters Risk Reduction, Energy, Geo-informatics, IT/IoT
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The BEYOND sub-systems FireHub, FloodHub, and GeoHub were developed for real-time delivery of space based services, for early detection, continuous monitoring, and management of natural disasters, the monitoring of active forest fires, flood events and seismic/volcanic risks, as well as damage assessments in rush and off-line mode. These services are routinely used by many environmental and civil protection organizations in Greece, and worldwide including EU bodies.
Space-borne capacities
Ground-based/In-situ monitoring networks/facilities
Modelling and computing processing capacities
Data sources
Data exploitation for the provision of value-adding services and products

Activities & Services

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Space EDUnity: Creating student communities for the integration of crowdsourcing data, remote sensing and geoinformatics aiming to mitigation of climate change BeOpen: Open framework for boosting EU High Value Datasets from Public Sector Firelogue: Cross-sector dialogue for Wildfire Risk Management EXCELSIOR CoE – ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment


The role assignment of the UN-SPIDER Regional Support Officer, in the area of the Southeast Europe, Middle East and the Balkans, to BEYOND Center's research projects and disaster management services, was significant recognition.


ECOSYSTEM OF BEYOND SERVICES: Monitoring of wildfires in rea time – FireHub System Monitoring of flood events – FloodHub System Monitoring and assessment of geo-hazards – GeoHub System Response to Copernicus EMS Activations: Assessment studies and mapping of hazards, exposure, vulnerability, risk, and damages, as well as integrated evacuation and mitigation plans Integration of Crowd services in disaster management - DisasterHub